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A precursor to the relatively sudden global evolution on cannabis as a medicine has been the surge in CBD-related commercial activity, which requires proper understanding.

CBD is now ubiquitous, being adopted across the board and found in any number of retail products, from snack bars, to health supplements and even ice cream. Without even contemplating the vast potential of cannabis by-products like hemp, it seems that for at least the moment, CBD is on the forefront of this movement in cannabis, and is here to stay.

Clinicians need to be clear, though. Retail CBD is not classified as a medicine and it should never be suggested that it can have medicinal benefits. There are numerous points of sensitivity in this emerging market that clinicians need to be literate in, so as to better serve their patients and avoid unnecessary liability.

In this module we provide some clear guidance on how to discuss CBD wellness with your patients, and we have a look at some of the non-medicinal substances that are commonly seen in this space.