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An introduction to the advanced principles of chronic pain management. Learn the mechanics of chronic pain and how cannabis-based medicines are effective in treating it.

The most common conditions or symptoms around which patients seek consultation on cannabis-based medicinal products is chronic pain.

In regular function, acute and subchronic pain is the brain’s mechanism for warning us that something is wrong and the body is at risk of, or is, receiving damage and preventative action should be taken.

Chronic pain, however, is an example of maladaptation where pain signals no longer have a useful biological function. Long term injury, nerve damage and a variety of inflammatory conditions can present with persistent pain that serves no useful endpoint.

In this module, you will gain an advanced depth of knowledge in how to diagnose and treat with cannabis-based medicines a number of chronic pain conditions. You will learn about the mechanisms of pain and how cannabinoids work to alleviate nociceptive and neuropathic pain issues.

Of exceptional importance, you will also learn why cannabis is starting to be regarded as a preferable first-line alternative to opioid-based pain killers.

This course is worth 2 CPD credits