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Similar to GPs, pharmacists are often the first point of contact for patients seeking medical information. Here we provide a tailored course for pharmacists to best address their unique challenges.

Along with GPs, pharmacists occupy one of the most frequently accessed points of inquiry for patients. And much like GPs, pharmacists can expect to have to respond to any number of issues, and will likely be taking on a lot of cannabis-specific questions as more patients become aware of cannabis-based therapies, and as the general field is further destigmatized.

Pharmacists will need to have much of the same knowledge base as Primary Care providers with regards to diagnosing conditions and prescribing cannabis-based therapies. Being able to counsel patients on side effects and drug interactions, advise them on recreational usage and provide guidance on the storage and administration of cannabis medicines will likely all be important to the pharmacist.

And as a general point of inquiry, it will be also be useful for pharmacists to understand the broader policy and regulatory environment within their respective nation. Discussing with patients their own liabilities in keeping and using medicinal cannabis, which is in most countries is still a relatively controlled substance as compared to many other medicines, will help avoid unnecessary legal issues.

This course is worth 3 CPD credits

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