Evidence Base

This advanced medical cannabis referencing tool contains hundreds of curated research items.

One of the principal challenges for the adoption of medical cannabis into general pharmacopoeias is presented by the modern standards of evidence based medicine. In essence, EBM is a thorough set of testing principles that determines whether or not medicines or therapies can be safely and effectively prescribed for patients.

There are numerous points of valid discussion concerning the propriety of EBM standards, but moreover, there is a general lack of understanding over the existing degree of medical research that does constitute a basis of evidence.

How to use the evidence base?

By building this database, we’re aiming to provide doctors with a clearer picture of what evidence there is, where the evidence is lacking and how further exploration needs to be directed to provide the necessary levels of evidence to advance cannabis medicines.

  • Simply start by selecting the broad area of research you want to read about eg. mental health disorders. This will populate all of the study items in our database for that area of research.
  • You may then refine your search results by selecting one of the specific conditions explored within that area of research, eg ADHD, PTSD etc.
  • For further refining of search results, you may also select exact study types, eg open label, and select the route of administration investigated, eg Inhaled, intravenous etc.
  • Once you’ve finished searching, simply click on any of the individual items to read the study detail.