Course Overview

Join other medical professionals and advance your understanding of Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs) with this series of modules. With our courses, you’ll also learn about related therapies to the point of being able to confidently operate with them.

Here at The Academy of Medical Cannabis, we aim to provide a deep-dive education in CBMPs.


After working through our series of modules, you will be prepared to actively consult with patients around these medicines and, where appropriate, prescribe accordingly with the necessary knowledge and understanding of the product.

The world of CBMPs is ever-evolving, with emerging research and continued developments meaning that course content will be proactively growing and being updated.

We recommend continually coming back to refresh yourself on the training, in line with the requirements for medical practitioners of every school of medicine.

17 Courses • 22 CPD Credits

Start Getting New Knowledge and Experience, Together!

Medical cannabis based treatment promises to deliver significant therapeutic benefits for patients suffering from debilitating conditions where conventional treatments have failed.

By becoming part of our group of dedicated specialists, you’ll be providing access to revolutionary treatment and improving the quality of life of patients in need.

You’ll also be leading the way amongst your peers with this innovative therapy by raising awareness about the benefits of prescribing medical cannabis in a safe and effective way.