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We’re now offering live online interactive sessions with Professor Mike Barnes, giving attendees an exclusive chance to ask questions and receive first-hand mentorship.

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This is a unique opportunity to attend a live online interactive session with the UK’s first doctor to successfully negotiate a prescription for medical cannabis from the government, giving you exclusive mentorship and the chance to ask any questions you may have.


Specialist Doctor Training

Why medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis based treatment promises to deliver significant therapeutic benefits for patients suffering from debilitating conditions where conventional treatments have failed.

By becoming part of our group of dedicated specialists, you’ll be providing access to revolutionary treatment and improving the quality of life of patients in need.

You’ll also be leading the way amongst your peers with this innovative therapy by raising awareness about the benefits of prescribing medical cannabis in a safe and effective way.

Why train with us?

As a trained doctor with the Academy of Medical Cannabis, a clear roadmap of training, education and support awaits you for the journey ahead, preparing you to deliver the results your patients seek.

You will receive:

  • Patient access – support a steady flow of patients most in need of medical cannabis treatment.
  • Mentorship – learn from a leading expert, Professor Mike Barnes, who was the UK’s first doctor to successfully negotiate a prescription for medical cannabis from the government.
  • Personalised Learning – our training is designed to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to prescribe medical cannabis to patients and address their queries.
  • Ongoing Support – become part of a peer-to-peer network of experienced prescribers through The Medical Cannabis Clinics.

Our Faculty

Professor Mike Barnes is a dedicated clinical neurologist and is committed to raising awareness around medical cannabis education and treatment. Having strong connections with leading practitioners across the world – especially in the US, Canada and Israel.

Professor Mike Barnes has unique first-hand knowledge from countries where medical cannabis has been normalised as a treatment, thereby distinguishing his expertise from that of the majority of other specialists in the UK. With this experience he has given the UK a head start when it comes to medical cannabis treatments and consciousness.

Professor Barnes also notably co-authored the All-Party Parliamentary Group report on the evidence for medical cannabis as part of its Drug Policy Reform. As the first UK doctor to successfully negotiate a prescription for medical cannabis from the government (in the high profile case of Alfie Dingley), Professor Barnes is recognised as a powerful and influential voice in medical cannabis policy in Europe.

Pricing and Dates

The Cost
Was £499 now
  • We have committed to making CBPM clinical education highly accessible.
You will receive a certificate upon successfully completing this training day.
  • Successful completion of this training day is worth 3 CPD Credits.
Training Dates
All training sessions are currently run through Zoom with the following dates available:
  • Thursday 10th November
  • Wednesday 21st December