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Why Do CBD Oil Prices Vary So Much?

If you’ve heard claims about the efficacy of CBD oil on the grapevine, which would come as no surprise considering the widespread media coverage the substance has garnered in recent years, then you might be interested in buying some to treat your conditions or improve your sense of wellbeing.

But you’ve likely come across a problem. The price of CBD varies widely from source to source, leaving many questioning whether the quality of the product actually matches the price.

In this article, we discuss why the price of CBD oil varies so much and what you should be looking out for if you choose to buy a CBD oil product.

Extracting and purifying the CBD oil

Obviously an area that affects the end price of CBD oil is the harvesting and purifying processes involved in creating the oil. Although harvesting methods for hemp are typically fairly expensive anyway, particularly due to heavy taxation on the cultivation of hemp and cannabis plants, it’s the choice of filtering and extraction method that really affects the price of the ultimate CBD products.

There are three major extraction methods that companies may adopt. These are oil extraction, CO2 extraction or the use of liquid solvents. Of these methods, the priciest extraction option, and the option most often chosen by companies looking to make a high quality product, is CO2 extraction.

CO2 extraction, although expensive due to the equipment required, is typically preferred as this supercritical method ensures that the CBD obtained is purer, with fewer additional terpenes and THC present than when CBD is obtained via other extraction methods. In some cases, other terpenes and cannabinoids in the resultant oil might be desired by the consumer though, for instance if they’re specifically looking for a full-spectrum CBD oil to reap the benefits of the entourage effect.


Another area where the price of reputable CBD oil is pushed up is through the rigorous testing that is required by an unbiased and reliable third-party lab in order to authenticate the quality of the CBD. This is a necessary step that shouldn’t be overlooked consumers, as through the provision of third-party testing data, the consumer can be assured that the figures from such tests have not been skewed by the producer to portray their product and company in a more positive light. This means that those buying the CBD oil can properly discern the quality and cannabinoid content of the product they’re buying and weigh up whether it’s worth its price.

Other factors

Another factor influencing the price of CBD oil is the CBD concentration and the packaging used for the product.

While the concentration of the product logically affects price through more concentrated products typically costing more than those with lower concentrations, packaging is a merely superficial factor that may sway a consumer into buying the product if it’s deemed as looking premium.

The presumption being made by consumers here is that the product itself must be of premium quality to match its fancy exterior. This may not always be the case however, so consumers should take various measures and carry out detailed research to ascertain the quality of the CBD oil they’re thinking of choosing.

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We urge anyone considering the use of medical cannabis products to consult with a trained medical professional prior to beginning use.

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